Friday, November 12, 2010

A not-so-productive day...

This morning Yana got a paper from the area that Aleksa was first registered for adoption (in Kiev) that says that she has no siblings.  Then we headed out for where Aleksa lives now and drove the lovely 2 1/2 hour bumpy crazy ride :)  It's a whole new lesson in trust in God to make this 5 hours of driving each day!  Several times as we crested hills in oncoming traffic and saw headlights meet our line of vision coming toward us... and we didn't re-merge in to our same flow of traffic but rather 'stretched' the road to fit 3 cars across on a BRIDGE... well, it gets your heartrate up if nothing else, or you read a book or fall asleep to the  "gentle" rocking of the car back and forth.  Oh, and it's not a little car... no, we're taking a full size (as in, not a mini) van.  And be sure that if you do fall asleep, you take your hairbrush along.  Because the not-so-gentle rocking of the vehicle will be sure to have you wake up with a rat's nest in the back of your head as if you've been tossing and turning in your bed for hours...

Well, enough about that adventure (and believe it or not, I really DON'T mind it... seriously it's just another lesson in faith!)...

Once we arrived in the city nearby the institution we went to pick up the inspector then went to the courthouse.  Where... the judge wasn't there.  We waited a while, then Yana went to the bank and then we returned the inspector (like a social worker...) back to his office and decided to go to the orphanage while we were waiting.  At the facility we were supposed to pick up a few papers including an updated medical about Aleksa.  The doctor came yesterday, but didn't have a required stamp, so it wouldn't be finished until the doctor returned on Monday and brought the paperwork back into the city hospital to have it stamped and signed off on.

Yana called back over to the judge and arranged for the inspector to get the medical form and to bring our dossier and submit it to the judge for us on Monday.  He will then send one copy of the medical form back to Kiev, because it's also needed by the SDA to get the required paperwork that's needed before court.

We did, however, get to play with our girl for a few minutes.  She was either 100% sweet and well behaved, or 100% wild.  She just kept switching back and forth between the two.  Pretty sure that nice Maclaren stroller I just picked up at the consignment sale for $20 was intended for her.  At least to get through the time we're here in Ukraine with her (outside the institution) and to get us through the airports and back to the USA.  We'll figure out something else for Wesley, because he won't require quite the... strength... that Aleksa will!

We also found out that one of the papers (that we DID get today) is needed back at the SDA-- it's the inspector's favorable conclusion for our adoption-- before they will give us an appointment for Wesley.  Nadya will submit that on Monday morning and we hope to have an appointment possibly as early as Monday afternoon.  That would be GREAT!  We know that the process where Wesley lives typically takes 2-2.5 weeks from SDA to court.  We are PRAYING HARD that this can all go through quicker!  But we know God's timing is BEST.

There are many other things going on here in Ukraine with the government wanting to change the way they do things, and this has set fear and panic into many adoptive parents' lives.  WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS FEAR TO EXIST IN OUR ADOPTION!  No, we aren't happy that it's going on at all... BUT... We know God has led every footstep and He will continue to do so.

Please join us in praying that the "idea" of a moratorium of adoptions from Ukraine might SPEED UP the processes for many of the children but that it WILL NOT be voted in halt adoptions in process or special needs (including 'older child') adoptions at all.  GOD IS IN CONTROL!

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