Thursday, November 04, 2010

The appointment

All was not for naught... but it wasn't what I was expecting..

The end of the story is that on Monday we will receive the referral paperwork for Aleksa, and possibly for Wesley as well.  We will then go to Aleksa's region and speak with the director, who I understand is out and in the hospital.  Please pray for his health and that he will be feeling better.  Otherwise we will meet with a deputy director (I believe).  Everything will be done in God's timing no matter what... we trust that He has plans and our plans are just to follow Him :)

Tomorrow I may get to go visit Wesley since I have met him already.  If it happens, that's an extra bonus.  If it doesn't, then I will wait a few days.

After having gone through the process once and helped so many other families through the process, I am much more lenient on what my expectations are for this trip and the timelines and such.  I certainly don't want to be "stuck here" forever... but I also know that timing is everything and God created time and puts each day together.  If he knows the number of my days in life, then certainly He knows how long we will be here in Ukraine and has gone before us, as we have prayed He will (and we ask for continued prayers for this!) and it will all work out how He intends for it to as long as we continue to follow His will.

If we don't go to Aleksa's region, then we will go to Wesley's... probably :).

Ok, back to the appointment.  Basically we went upstairs, chatted, came downstairs, talked to Oleg (facilitator), then he went upstairs... and the end agreement is that on Monday morning we will go to there and get a referral... or two.  But at least Aleksa's will be available.

See why it's important to be flexible??? :D

Now I'm catching up on emails and reading a book, maybe taking a nap, eating lunch... enjoying a quiet morning sitting in a quiet apartment.  And glad I brought some ravioli so I don't have to go hunt for lunch yet!


  1. so you had the appt today but aren't getting any refs. 'til Monday? Just trying to follow;)

  2. So are you saying you might not get Wesley's referral?

    Praying for you, your trip and your family while they wait at home.

  3. Praying for you, Aleska, and Wesley. I am encouaraged by your trust in God and His sovereignty! I will be anxiously/patiently awaiting to see what God does!

  4. Meredith, we are in Kiev till Sunday. Want to meet up? We have Corinna!!! Our phone number here is 380508768717

    Anna and Isaac Orr

  5. Meredith, if you want to meet Corinna, we are in Kiev till Saturday. our phone is


    Anna and Isaac Orr.

  6. I'm so confused LOL But I can't wait to see what is in store for your family!