Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meetings went great!!

We met Wesley "officially" this morning!!  Michael met him for the first time :)

He definitely knows his caretakers and is preferential to them being around.  He'd start to cry when he heard the door close if they weren't close by.  He is a DOLL though, and it's wonderful that he has those bonds!

He's REALLY skinny.  Today he was just in a tshirt, tights, and shorts and we were able to better see how little he is.  He's healthy, just skinny...

He has been in ONE baby house since he was 2 months old, cared for by the same set of workers (for the most part).  I'll tell ALL about him... later!  Along with some pictures.

Our 12pm meeting went REALLY well, though I can't share much about it yet.  THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!  Please continue to pray, because this was the "first step" and there are several more to come.  This isn't related to our adoption :).  Oh- but I should have requested prayer that we would be ON TIME.  We ended up being 25 min late and one of the people we were supposed to meet with wasn't there.  I think it was for the best, but I still feel badly that we weren't able to uphold that commitment as we'd intended.

Off to do secret things that I will tell about when I can :) HA! :)

**ALSO, THANK YOU to those who have donated to our adoption fund!  We've received $600 in donations through RR ( and another $1000 donation through other sources.  That $14,000 we still needed to raise is now down to $12,400!  Bit by bit!  Please continue to pray for that aspect of our adoption as well.  THANK YOU!!


  1. hey! Im usually IN on your secret doings. Feeling left out here, gf. LOL Hope it all goes well, whatever it is. be safe.
    ps what happened to the FB reply thingy? argh.

  2. Praying all goes well . . . so happy to follow along.