Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Keep Praying!!

Please continue to pray that we will get court dates today!  It has been 5 days since we thought we'd have the dates, but one thing or another in both regions has held up finding out.  We are praying to have court on Monday and Tuesday next week.

For several reasons, I *should* be leaving by December 2nd.  That is Thursday.

Our parents are doing great with our children, and our children with them, and we are VERY blessed to not have the added stress of how they are doing.  Everyone is doing great and it sounds like the grandparents are enjoying this extra bonding time with our kids-- though I know they're also tired and ready for us to be home too :)

Please pray that we get our court dates today, and that they are for early next week!!

**In addition to our timeline to get home, we also have learned that the second vote on a bill going through Ukrainian Parliament right now will be held on the week of December 14-17.  IF this passes as is then it will put an immediate STOP to all international adoptions from the US.  We do not yet know whether it will pass, or whether it will be changed before being brought back for vote, or whether it will even be held that day.  We also don't know if we will get our court decree even if this passes... if we've already had court.

Our prayer is that special needs adoption will continue to stay open!  In case it does not, we really want to have our court decrees for BOTH children IN HAND before the vote is held.  The court decree is not available until 10 days after court is held.  That means that we really need to have court by December 3rd to help ensure that we will be issued the court decree and not affected by the current legislation.

As a side note to others adopting-- we do NOT know whether adoptions in progress will be allowed to continue, whether those who have already passed court but not issued their court decrees will be given them, or whether those with even just a dossier in at the SDA will be allowed to continue...  It is all up in the air until the hearing date and even that may change (moved earlier or later).  So, continue to press on toward your children if you feel that's God's pull.  He will direct your paths, and His heart is for the children.  Know that it is not without risk.  But children are worth EVERY risk that we can make.  What is really at stake?  A child vs. Time and money.  The child wins.

Thank you for joining us in prayer!!


  1. I am lifting your requests up in prayer before our Heavenly Father.

  2. Hi Meredith,
    I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you, although I have no doubt that God's will is already in effect for you and your children.
    Following your family has brought me far closer to Christ than any of the professed Christians I have been around in my life. . .Your family is a shining testament of His love and faith in us, and I know He is extremely proud of you and invested in your journey.