Saturday, March 22, 2008

2 weeks home!

Easter, take... 12

A beautiful day for a picnic!

Around the house


  1. Cute pictures....Brianna with that bunny is cracking me up...I think she needs a groovy girl so she can dangle their legs...seriously...all kids that I have met with DS that have groovy girls love to dangle their legs! LOL

  2. Beautiful pictures!!!! They all look like they are having so much fun. Micah and Emma seem to be doing great for only being home for 2 weeks. You can sure see the love between all the kids!! Wonderful Easter picture, definitely one to treasure.

    Grandma & Grandpa Cornish

  3. I just love every picture of these kids very obviously a family, and it encourages me everyday in how the Lord answers prayer.

  4. WOW they all look so much alike!! I bet Emma feels like a princess in that dress, I imagine she's never been so fancy!! Micah looks incredibly cute in his itty bitty overalls! Brianna is getting so BIG, wow she grew alot whil you were gone, and she looks like she's loving not being the baby anymore! Kristopher looks like a little prince and you can just tell that he's going to grow up and make someone a very happy proud wife!!

  5. Happy Easter! I bet you had the cutest crew at church this Easter morning :)

  6. Mike and Meredith,
    This is the first time I have seen your blogs and pictures. Elizabeth and I came right home Easter morn to share in your joy. We are so excited for you all. I know it has been a challenging road and yet you two have been so equipped with God's grace. What a beautiful new family you have Congratulations and may your Resurrection Day be blessed.
    Love Tracy and Elizabeth

  7. Seeing those pictures really helped me remember why I was still here fighting.
    So I can dress My children up as wonderul as you did.
    My landlord saw your sight and was so happy to see Emma and Mikah so happy

    Erin (team Kerley Ukraine dept)

  8. adorable - those pink dresses on the girls are sooooo cute!

    We have that same Chair that the girls were playing with and Libby loves it as well!