Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This girl gets around!

Tonight as we sat down for dinner I laid Emma on the floor with this piano thingy that she's taken to playing with. I'm actually impressed because within about 5 minutes she figured out that she needed to push the buttons to make it play the next piece of the song :) Considering the kid never had a toy until a few days ago, this is a great stride already!

Anyway, we sit down to eat and Emma's on the floor, Micah's in the swing on HIGH because he's cranky, and we have the two "big kids" at the table. Then I hear the swing sound like it 'studdered'. It didn't rock in sequence. I turn around in my chair to discover that litte Miss Emma has turned around 180 and scooted herself- on her BACK- over to the swing. About 10 feet! She then grabbed Micah's toes for a minute and was trying hard to get ahold of them again.

Way to go Emma! Maybe going after Micah's feet isn't the best idea (he cried, of course!) but... I'm still glad you're getting around so well!

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