Monday, March 24, 2008

Emma's Heart Schedule

Consult and intake with new cardiology group- Monday, April 7th 8:45am
-- we will try to stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Tampa on Sunday night since it's a 3 hr drive. Not sure which kids are coming/staying home as of yet.

Tenative expectancy for heart cath procedure- Thursday, April 10th

Surgery will likely be scheduled quickly after the cath, we will know more Monday at the consult. It sounds like it's a possibility even for Friday or the following Monday, but likely within the same "trip" over there. Monday they should give us a more solid time frame.

PLEASE PRAY that Emma's heart is DIVINELY prepared for surgery and that this will be what she needs to grow and flourish as the child of God we know she is. As we walk in to this we still have the lingering cloud that the heart cath could show there is no way to fix her heart. We are praying against fear and doubt, but most of all that her little heart and lungs are functioning in a way that surgery is possible. Her pulmonary hypertension MUST BE ABLE TO BE REDUCED for them to do surgery, and the cath will determine if that is a possibility. Please pray!!


  1. big prayers. She already looks a zillion times stronger and they all look adorable for easter!
    I love the pic of her in her chair with bri playing nearby and Micah in the background lifting himself up, that right there shows you a huge change in the kids. So much fun!
    Amy O.

  2. I will be praying for your little Emma. The Easter pictures are so precious!

  3. Praying for her and you.