Saturday, March 08, 2008


Kristopher: 31 lbs
Emma: 20 lbs
Brianna: 20 lbs
Micah: 13 lbs
Meredith: LOST 10 lbs on my Ukrainian diet- to be gained back quickly I'm sure ;)


  1. lol I JUST asked you how much you lost, but I think we got sidetracked

  2. That is what I need to do, go to the Ukraine to loose weight! After ready Kellys blog about the food there, I get sick just thinking of it!! lol Although she loves it.

    Emma will probably be a rolly polly pretty soon!! lol You know my 10 year old nephew only weighs 42 lbs. He is so skinny :(

    Thank you so much for the slide show!!

    Glad you are all back!

    And if you lost 10 lbs, that is scary since you are as skinny as can be already! Maybe you need a bottle of pedisure also?