Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our puppy

Today we had to make a difficult decision and give up one of our dogs. We brought her home from the shelter in Melbourne on Kristopher's 3rd birthday and today brought her back a little over a year later. She had integrated into our family well for the first 10 months then became aggressive toward our other dog. We do not want to risk this happening when any of our children are nearby and decided that she could not stay any longer. We will miss her! She was a very playful and energetic dog and was also great company with Buttermilk (our other dog) until they began to fight. This has been a time in coming and we've worked with her trying to get them to a peaceful truce, but about once a month the past 3 months they have gone at it with Chance instigating. And it happened at least once while I was gone and twice since we're home.

Our newest arrivals did not meet Chance. She has only been outdoors since we arrived home just in case.

We are sad to have to give her up because she was a fun dog, but at the same time I am relieved to not have to wonder anymore. I understand that she will be adopted out again but will be marked as 'animal aggressive' so that she doesn't go to a family with other pets.

And not to move on too quickly, but I'm looking forward to filling in all her holes in the yard and taking the kids out to play on the swingset. I hope she finds another family soon.

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  1. Its hard to give up a furry family member and I am sure I would have been a nervous wreck with the kids around too!