Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brianna's up-to

Brianna's been growing and changing so quickly lately! We had her Early Steps annual evaluation today and the amount of things we could say "yes" to was amazing! She is pulling to a stand like a pro and beginning to walk holding on with just one hand. She is getting really good at climbing up on things too!

An example? Today at the church there was a little slide with two steps leading up to it. She got right up! Then when she got to the top of course she didn't want to get down :) And... according to the code of the baby... she refused to do it again when her PT arrived about 5 minutes later!

Brianna is also signing up a storm! She had a good 25 signs before I left but I've seen so many new ones since coming home! She's got to have at least 35 if not more now. YAY BRIA!

Today in the car Brianna had a little Elmo doll and Emma had a baby doll. Some how (gee, I don't know how it happened...) Brianna ended up with both toys when we hadn't even left our street yet. After my attempts at coaxing her to give one of them to Emma she brushed her hand across the back of her head (top to bottom) then put her hand in front of her mouth (palm out) and did something that looks like someone blabbing. I thought "that's weird" but when I told her again to give one to Emma she did it again! Three times! Is she really telling me off in sign language?? I guess I need to get on the ball and start learning her signs! LOL

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  1. Aww she sounds too cute! Telling you off already, huh? LOL wait till she growles at you! hahahaha