Friday, March 21, 2008

March 21st... 3-21... Trisomy 21... Down syndrome

Today is World Down Syndrome Day! Get it? March 21st is written as 3-21 and Down syndrome is characterized by three of the 21st chromosome :) Trisomy 21 :)

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

We spent the day first at the doctor, then home for lunch and naps. Next was Target to help out the Easter bunny (just the two little ones and I- Mike kept the big kids at home!), to Publix for a bit of food and to order a cake for Tuesday, and finally home for dinner (Publix subs :) ) and bed. A busy day but it was a great one because today Mike was home as well.

Today is not just a day like all others, and in fact it feels a little weird to post a 'celebrate' post today. Today is Good Friday. The day that my Savior, Jesus Christ, took my sins on His shoulders and was crucified. The day that He died to overcome death, hell, and the grave. The day of darkness and mourning.

But then... the mourning doesn't last long, because this weekend is the celebration of LIFE and of the forgiveness of sins that Jesus provided for us all.

Many people have a difficult time with the idea of "worthiness". That's one of the best parts though. We don't have to be worthy. In fact, NONE of us are. No matter how many good things we do or how many bad things we've done, Jesus paid the price for us all. Did you know that He loves us each so much that He would have died on the cross if even just YOU would come to believe? If you were the only one, EVER, to accept His forgiveness He would have died. I know I'm not worthy. Far, far, from it. But I have humbled myself, prayed, and accepted the gift that is offerred. Forgiveness. Eternal life. A relationship with God. There's nothing like it!

I want to say this here, too. I don't know why, or for who, but I feel like I need to say it. I realize that our path in life is very different from many others. So different from some that we've had comments that "you must be angels" and "you've put in your good works!" and the list goes on. But what we are doing is simply listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and leaving our lives open for Him to work. We're not angels. FAR from it. Also, our life isn't about "doing good". It's not about what we can accomplish or what things we can do to earn points. Nothing we do here on Earth will earn our way in with the Father. It's simply whether we believe in the One who died on the cross- today- that He was raised from the dead and conquered death. He provided forgiveness for all who believe in Him.

Do you believe? There is no middle ground. Either Jesus was real and is who he says he is... or he's a fake. Completely nuts. That's the way it works when he claimed to be god. He either IS, or he's loony. And you've got to make that decision.


  1. that was beautiful to read meredith!! i do believe!! have a blessed easter!!!!