Thursday, March 06, 2008

03-06-2008 (written on 3-9) Kiev- HOME

The never ending night calmed down for me at 7am when I went to find Dad and realized he’d just woken himself. He took a very fussy Micah and I went to sleep. Our driver would be there at 10am and I could go to sleep for an hour. I did get that one hour in and was glad I did! I talked to Mike around 8 then got a quick shower and got the kids up, dressed, fed, and ready to go. We were still working on finishing up cleaning and packing when 10am swung around.

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare and both kids had a bottle while we stood in the lobby waiting for our flight to say it had begun check-in. Customs was a piece of cake since we didn’t declare anything. Then it was on to check-in and for some reason this was a very difficult process. I have no idea why still. But regardless we were there for about 20 minutes. Next was passport control where they took the other half of the tiny slip of paper that you fill out when you arrive. 7 weeks and I managed to hold onto it! The only catch there was the wanted something about my adoption and I didn’t know what it was. I finally just started handing him papers (I’m so glad I left everything accessible!!) and he found what he wanted. Then he sent us to another place and gave our passports to another guy and told us to wait. Another 10 min or so (a total of probably 20 min for this stop) and we were on our way. Keep in mind that no one speaks English so we couldn’t ask what was going on!

We waited around a little while, used the restroom, then finally I decided to change diapers. I guess Micah liked that idea because as I got him from Dad he pooped. ALL over. I’m so glad we’d taken him out of his snowsuit! Now I had a poopy child in messy clothes and poop on my sleeve and front of my shirt even. And our flights hadn’t begun! I did still have one outfit that he hadn’t pooped through the night before and I changed him in the bathroom and then Emma and we boarded the plane with no more spare outfits.

The first flight was only a few hours and we were all seated together with Dad and Emma on one side of the aisle and me and Micah on the other side. The seat next to me was empty which was wonderful since I could use that tray table and not have to worry about bumping anyone as we adjusted- and readjusted- and readjusted. I had one crabby boy. I wish I’d had Mylicon with me!!

Emma was a perfect little thing this entire time, by the way, and did great with everything. She took a bottle as we took off and sat a played with Dad the entire time.

Next stop was Frankfurt after our 3 hour tour. Frankfurt airport parks the planes a ways away and takes you to the terminal by bus but everyone was helpful in getting us our stroller and getting us room (in the doorway!) of the first bus going back. We quickly found our way to the next flight and were surprised to find it had an actual gate. When we checked in we knew our seats were all spread out so we requested the be moved together and made sure we were in a place where we could get a ‘bassinet’ for Micah. Boarding had started 10 minutes before we got there but it worked out. Once on the plane a lady was kind (but complained none the less) enough to move and let us all sit together. We again had Dad and Emma on one side and Micah and I on the other. Before we even got seated I noticed a now-familiar smell of Micah’s erupting diaper. Another outfit gone. I was out of options for him but Emma was wearing an undershirt an a shirt so her white fuzzy shirt became Micah’s outfit. That and a blanket. Poor kid became a US citizen in his diaper.

The first half of the flight was a little difficult with Micah being fussy. It was hard to eat with him squawking, and I didn’t want to just let him cry on the plane. He did eventually calm down though and went to sleep in the bassinet (which looks like a piece of soft vinyl 60’s luggage!) and slept for the remainder of the flight just about.

When we landed in DC we had several stops to make before our next gate and only 90 min to make them in-about 70 by the time we got off the plane, got our stroller (which was now broken, ugh) and got going. And our seats were all spread out on the plane. First was customs which was rather quick (10 min total maybe). Then immigration which took about 30 minutes. At this point we were sure that we’d miss our connection because we had only 30 min left. We went to the secondary immigration and the guy was SO NICE and took our packet, checked two things and said he’s process it later and let us go on our way! We had to pick up our luggage next then go back through security and recheck our luggage. Take the shoes off, baby out of the stroller, etc.

Luckily through ALL of the checkpoints they allowed me to keep my baby food and even a water bottle with me for the kids! (though I wouldn’t count on it since I’ve had even a bottle confiscated before!)

We made it to our gate after boarding had started again and quickly arranged our seats to at least be nearby each other. Mine was behind Dad and Emma. The guy next to me was very nice though and has 4 kids and his wife traveling with him to go to Disney. He even held Micah for me a minute so I could dig through the bag and find Emma’s medication, mix it (it’s a powder) and give it to my Dad to give her. Emma had slept through about 2 hours of the international flight and then slept through this entire flight. I tried to too!

We landed in Florida about 30 minutes late at 12:25 and found Mike waiting on the other side of the tram. What a sight! I was so glad to be home!! We picked up our bags and headed home. YAY! I called my friend Liz from the car at 1:30 to wish her a belated Happy Birthday since we had landed on her birthday. She was still up :). Happy Birthday Liz!!

We got home close to 2:30am and were welcomed in by both Mike’s and my mom. They got a few minutes to snuggle their new grand babies then it was off to bed for ALL of us. Except Micah of course. That would be too easy! Mike stayed up with him and I went to sleep for a few hours. I slept probably 4-7 then Mike got to sleep until 9. A crazy night as our first night home, but I am so glad to be home!

I peeked in on the kids but didn’t wake them to say hello. I will see them in the morning. Thank God .

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  1. What a few days you had, poor Meredith, all those poopy diapers. Changing diapers on a plane is not fun for them or us. I had fears Kara would cry on the plane, but she slept nealry the whole time (I think it was the nose drops, not for congestion as they say, but possibly a sedative?)

    I was so relieved to hear Emma traveled well, it was a fear we had with her herat that she would have issues on the plane. I read she was seeing the cardiologist today, praying her heart is operable.

    Hugs to your family.