Sunday, March 16, 2008

Micah's first grocery trip

Today was trip #2 to Wal-Mart since I got home. Not too bad considering I've been home for 10 days now! We have been so blessed by church family bringing us dinners every few days and by those that brought us diapers, formula, and clothes for the kids. Not having to shop every 3 days has been a HUGE blessing for us (not to mention not having to think of and cook dinners!)

Mike decided to be brave and keep the 3 older kids while I went to the grocery store. Granted Micah's the "high maintenance" one so it was a good one to be separated from the others. He sat in his carseat for the entire trip and didn't let out a peep! I thought I'd end up having to carry him, feed him, etc. during this quick outing but he was a little angel!

Micah liked looking at all the people and even got a glance at the Easter Bunny that was visiting the store (we didn't go get a picture and risk an unhappy ending to our nice trip!).

I think one of the benefits to having 4 kids is that with 2 or even 3 when I was watching a friend's child my husband assumed it's no big deal to grocery shop. But with 4, for some reason, he realizes it would be hard. I'm not sure what the defining factor is but I'm not complaining! Grocery shopping with just one was a breeze!!

I have a question for you all as well-- if you have a child that is too big for an infant carrier and yet not sitting up (or anywhere close to sitting up yet- ie:not holding their head up well), what do you put them in to grocery shop? Micah's in an infant seat. Brianna can sit in the shopping cart. But if I bring Emma to the store, what can I do with her? I guess maybe she'll just have to be carried in the sling. Or I'll have to make some sort of contraption to lay her in the 'seat' area. For now she doesn't need to go with me and be exposed to any more germs while we wait for her OHS. Just a thought for the future although I'm hoping she'll get strong quickly and be sitting soon after her open heart :)

Maybe Mike realizes all that and he's actually taking care of Emma?? Or would that be giving him too much credit? I bet I'll find out now whether my DH really reads my blog or not :0)


  1. That is a tough one, since she has poor head control. I used to use a thing that strapped the girls in. It was suppose to keep kids from climbing out, but in my case it keep them from falling over since they couldn't sit up. But why not use a stroller to take her in? Just push her in front of you and pull the cart behind you (hand on the front of the cart). This is how I shop with my folks in wheelchairs.

  2. Glad to hear Micah had a great trip to Wal-Mart. Sorry, I have no suggestions about taking Emma to the store though.

  3. Depends on your shopping cart...I used a "clean shopper" for Wes when he could support his head but not sit up well. I stuffed a jacket or blanket to support him a little better and he did just fine.

    I'll bet there are some people just itching for an hour to spend enjoying Emma while you go to the store!

  4. I used a backpack, but my child probably had stronger head control.

    The sling works too, but at the store I liked having hands free and open space in front of me so I could pick up another child if necessary.

  5. honestly, I'd carry mine in a double stroller and put all my 'stuff' in the baskets under the stroller. Once those were full, my shopping was over.

    We have what we call the Minus One factor. We have 3 children and waiting on the 4th with an adoption from Ethiopia. So if either of us takes 1 child and leaves the other 2 with the other parent, we both feel like we're on a vacation. Because any number of kids Minus One, makes it seem like a vacation. We only have 1 with down syndrome and he's getting quite self-sufficient for his 3 years, so I'm sure it's not quite as hectic as at your house right now.


  6. There is a carseat made by graco called Safeseat that goes up to 30 pounds and 32", its a bucket style carrier, even if you dont want to use it a as a careseat because I assume you have one already you could sitll have it in the trunk to carry emma around.