Tuesday, March 18, 2008


When asked about his new family:
"I have two sisters and a brother. One sister scoots and one lays"

Telling his teachers something about his new siblings:
"Micah's the cute one" ("yes, and what about Emma?") "she's just pretty"

When introducing the kids to someone new (one of his favorite things to do, by the way!):
"This one's Emma Hope Cornish and that one's Micah Daniel Cornish. Except he doesn't look like Micah any more because he had a bath."

After being reminded that the doll house isn't his and he can't tell Brianna to go away:
"but she's sharing with me and she's bothering me at the same time!"

His response when being told he was staying with grandparents instead of going to the doctor's office:
"That's ok, I'll play with them when we get back and grandma can just give me cookies while you're gone"

When told it is bedtime:
"But Mom, I didn't get to play with Emma yet and I'm really going to miss her!"

I love this little man. He is such a big helper and he always keeps me laughing. Not only that, but he has a heart of gold.


  1. He is so cute, and a very supportive big brother!!!! He seems to love his new brother and sister very much!!! Give him a kiss for me.

    Grandma C.

  2. What a little sweetheart!