Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Happy Kid

Today at 'rest time' Mike took Kristopher and went to watch the air show. The flight path is right over our house so yesterday we sat outside and watched a little but Kristopher is really into planes right now and we knew he'd really enjoy getting to go to the actual show. So those two took off for some Daddy/Son time. Brianna asked to get down from lunch to sleep, so no complaints there, off she went. Emma doesn't complain about much of anything and willingly laid in her crib although she's only slept a few days during rest. She usually quietly plays with the doll in her crib. That's fine though, it's a little quiet time (which I know she likes the time to herself a little) and good for me to have some down-time too. Micah slept for the first few minutes of rest time but then was awake and wanting to eat. No problem, he sat with me and ate.

Ok, so which one was the "one happy kid"? It sounds like they're all pretty easy going, doesn't it? Well, out of the blue I started hearing a little quiet giggle when the rest of the house was silent. Then another one. And another. Someone was having the time of their life! And then the giggles got louder and Louder and LOUDER until I decided that although this little one was nice and happy, she was going to wake her sister!

Emma thought that the foot of her fabric doll (one that's the same size as she is!) bopping her in the forehead (of course she was doing it herself...) was hilarious! She would bop herself then just let out a peal of laughter, then do it again!

I know I'm a happy momma, and the kids all seem happy about their new sibling/family situation, but listening to the giggles from her crib made me realize today that Emma knows her life has changed. She's one happy kid!


  1. :) that is the nicest thing to read...Emma is giggling...I am so shocked still at the changes in her little world.

  2. That made me giggle! How funny!

    ~ Natalie

  3. What a sweet visual, Emma laughing at her doll. I wish I could have seen it myself...

  4. We just now finished our night-night prayers including your whole family each individual by name, and this makes me smile all the more. God is doing amazing things through your willingness to trust him. It's beautiful to know Emma is enjoying her new life. I would pay money to hear that giggle! :o)