Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ok, yes, I'm a teacher and I realize the math doesn't add up quite right, but I promise you, in this case, it's true. 2 kids plus another 2 kids, really isn't all that much more difficult than 2 kids! I realize this sounds crazy, but each of the "big kids" (K and Bria) pick a baby and love to sit and entertain, pat, and get toys for the other kids. So they pair off that way for some of the day, then K and Bria go play together and Emma and Micah will play together (aka stare at each other, hold hands, and look at what the other is doing). It's a built-in playmate system. With twice as many diapers (ok, three times...) and bottles/cups. And carseats. And people who need to be carried. And snuggled. But other than that it's pretty easy :) Really, I promise!


  1. ok's your darn cape back. ;)

  2. I Disagree, if they all have the stomach flu at once!! lol Oh man, I am so sick of all this puking with three of my kids right now!! lol Oh wait, one of them isn't my child but my husband. But when they are sick it is like having another child!! lol

  3. Wow. I just found your blog.

    My maiden name is Cornish and I have son with DS.

    Sounds like you have a very full plate.

    Your children are adorable.

  4. Kinda operating under that theory myself! I'm figuring two - they can play together and enjoy each other allowing a little house cleaning, clothes washing, cooking to get done. We shall see!


  5. In my house, 1+0=6, or at least that's how it feels sometimes!

    I'm so glad that everything is working out so well so far...I'm sure the kids are just loving having so many playmates.

  6. I am so glad to see this post because I say the same thing all the time!!! Now I can say "I am not crazy...Meredith says the same thing!" LOL!

  7. Meredith - I have been reading daily. I post on - aka Cameron. I have enjoyed reading about your family and your amazing journey. Amazing doesn't even describe your journey properly. I can't wait to see Emma and Micah grow and prosper. Thank you for keeping your blog public. I'm sure it touches many, as it has me. Rae

  8. Meredith -
    I have to kind of agree with you. My experience is after the first two, it almost doesn't matter how many you add - it takes all your time and energy. And then of course, you kind of reach a point of utter, saturated, overwhelmingness (is that even a word?) where you just can't get any more overwhelmed so you just kind of give up trying to be super mom and sit back and realize you can actually enjoy your kids and your life of being out of control.As long as you remember who ultimately controls it anyway. :)

    And then again...there is the stomach flu, as wheremyangels pointed out - now that is a whole different level of overwhelmingness! I should know- after just completing our 2nd bout of the stomach flu this winter with 5 kids! Ahhhh!!!

    Karen S. :)