Tuesday, March 04, 2008

03-04-3008 (written on 3/9/08) Kiev

Today began EARLY (about 5am) but it went well. We got up and prepared for another day out of the apartment. At 9 my facilitator was supposed to be there for us to go to the medical center for the kids’ exams. She let me know a little after 9 that she was running late and in traffic and she arrived around 10:30. The medicals went well and were pretty straight forward. The doctor spoke English and was surprised I came to Ukraine with the intention of adopting children with Down syndrome. She commented on Emma’s very weak heart and the murmur on all parts. But then she commented on Micah’s heart that she didn’t hear a murmur at all! YAY!

Because we got there so late we didn’t get the paperwork completed until about 12:10 and the embassy closed at 12:30 so instead of going straight there as planned (we wouldn’t have made it in time) we all went to the airport to get my dad. He flew in overnight and arrived with very little difficulty which I was SO grateful for! He immediately took a sleeping Micah and we headed back to Kiev to the embassy.

Surprised again, we went into the Embassy only to find that visa application paperwork was only accepted before 12:30 in the morning. So after talking to the lady for a while she said that we had no choice but to come back in the morning to submit paperwork and that we likely wouldn’t make our flights on Thursday because it takes a full 24 hours plus to process and you apply one morning before 12:30 and receive the visas the next day after 2:00. Our flight would be leaving.

Disappointed, exhausted, and ready to just fall apart, we headed back to the apartment. I was glad to have my last box of Mac n Cheese and my dad and I spent the afternoon in the apartment letting the kids roll and play on the bed, watching a movie (Evan Almighty- cute  ), and then when they went to sleep we had some dinner. My first meal of the day. No wonder I was so cranky!

The evening was pleasant and I was glad to have the company of my Dad there! The night, though, was not without hitch as Micah was up a good portion of the night again. Emma did sleep well and I woke her with a bottle each time Micah wanted one. She was happy to comply then quickly went back to sleep. Dad slept fitfully because of all the stuff going on and came in to help me on and off during the night. Then he took both kids for a little bit so I could dress and get ready for the next day.

Also, today was my mom's birthday as well as Chris Harm's and I did get to talk with Mom briefly. I was hoping to be home to celebrate with you but I hope to see you soon!!

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