Monday, March 24, 2008

To do today

I'm not very far yet!

X -shower, dress, and make myself generally presentable
X -breakfast x4
X -baths x4
X -clean clothes x4
X -call cardiologists in St. Pete at 9am
X -Bria's OT 10am (at home)
X -call children's hospital to schedule bloodwork (Micah and Bria)
X -call local hospital to schedule x-rays (Emma and Micah)
X -put away china from Easter
X -clean up "Easter" which is all over my living room
X -resize dining room table
X -vacuum (once I find the floors)
X -change sheets x3 (one poopy mess yesterday means she doesn't need clean ones again yet! See? blessings in disguise!)
-do ADULT laundry
-pack away clothes that don't fit the kids
X -get the basics: soy formula, size 2 diapers, baby food, whole milk, drinks, instant breakfast powder, and the finishings for punch for tomorrow
X -get Easter pic's off the camera and at least on the computer, if not posted!
X -dishes, dishes, dishes... can't forget the dishes...
X -about 10 more diaper changes, 4 more sets of bottles, 2 more meals, 2 sets of medicine, and lots of straightening up
X -the most important part... PLAY :) Maybe some Playdough, stringing pasta, and playtime in the Florida room.
X -and the time I can actually get most of this stuff done? NAP TIME!

Updated at 6:00 :) I think we made it! Still 2 things but they're not top priority. Plus, there's still 6 hours left in the day (and yes, Micah intends to use ALL 6) Thanks Mom for the groceries!


  1. Holy cow! My list might be a bit shorter, but I'm still not going to get to more than probably 1/6 of what I need to get done. And I only have ONE! Can we do a long-distance course on time management and multi-tasking?!? :o)

  2. I got the grocery stuff covered and will help when I get to your house. Love, Mom

  3. feeling a little jealous. . .my list was every bit as long as yours but I don't have nearly as many crossed off

  4. wow. you deserve a gold star for just getting part of that list done!! woooo weee!!!