Friday, March 14, 2008

Private for a time- please read about linking

I have received over 80 e-mails in the past 24 hours asking about my blog, so I apologize for the bulk response that you all received.

Thank you to those that shared with me testimonies of your own adoption beginnings and leaps of faith that you are taking. I'm glad that you find God's work through our family a source of strength. It is surely HIS grace and goodness that are played out in our lives.

As for the "rest of the story", well, there's not much to it. My blog photos were linked to by a commenter on a news story. I called the news and asked the link to be removed. It was. And in the mean time I removed all reference to the page it linked to. Story over.

I do want to ask that if you share links to my blog- or really anyone's blog- that you kindly ask the blog author first. I know it is not a copywritten page and it is publicly accessable, but it is also my family. As much as I enjoy the 'ministry' this blog has become on its own, my family is first and foremost my priority and keeping them safe and sheltered is important. Please realize that I mean this especially for links that are made on widely viewed public boards such as news article comments and the like. A link from one family blog to another is seen as friendly, but it is still kind and appropriate to first ask permission.

Thanks for letting me sit on my soap box a minute :) Now back to Family Life :)

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