Thursday, March 20, 2008

Isn't it great

When you realize that the trip you DIDN'T make wasn't actually necessary anyway? I didn't go get Brianna's blood draw orders yesterday, but then I got home from dropping K and Bria off at the church this morning and I have an answering machine message reminding me about Micah's appointment tomorrow. DUH! I don't have to drive 20 min down to the doctor's office today... I'll be there tomorrow anyway!

Now we're off to Merritt Island to bring Mike's car to the shop. Transmission needs to be rebuilt. Just what we needed, right? Luckily my parents have an extra car and offered to loan it to him to get back and forth to work for the next few days while his car is out of commission. That way I still have the van to make it to the kids' appointments and church drop-off and pick up.

Micah's been a little fussier today but seems nice and calm now that I turned the fan on. Mesmerizing! He's been eating well and not spitting up much at all! I'm hopeful that he will start packing on the pounds soon now that he has a steady diet that he can keep down.

A question for those that had 'skinny kids' on soy... I use Pediasure for Emma's milk to up the calories. Anything like that I can add to Micah's? The pediasure is a milk-based product (hmm... I think, maybe I should look again?). Anyway, I was curious about soy based or non-milk-based drinks to fatten my little man up :) We are already doing rice cereal and stage 2 baby food in his milk.

Emma... oh Emma. She is happily swinging in the doorway of my laundry room right now! She's pretty much happy no matter what except when she's frustrated about food. The wrong taste, the wrong time, or the wrong temperature and she gets really upset. Honestly it's not that often because I've figured her out pretty well by now :) The swing she's in is really neat though! It fits in the doorway and holds up to 175lbs! Yep, REALLY! Of course the actual swing I put in it is for toddlers, but there are others and the door jamb thingy holds that weight. She LOVES swinging and K and Bria have enjoyed it too :) My mom's friend brought it over to us. She has a child with disabilities that has outgrown it so she passed it along to us. We Love it, THANK YOU!


  1. Before Hannah's heart surgery her cardiolgist had us add corn oil to her formula to fatten her up.It sounds weird but that's what we used. They also had us use a perscription powder called moducal that added calories.There is a certain amount of each though, but I am sure your Dr can help with suggestions for Micah.

  2. Ask your ped about higher calorie formula when you go. I'd have to hunt for the recipe we used for Wes. It was regular formula, just a higher concentration of it to the water. I think that made it 24cal instead of 20. When we had to go to 27 cal we added vegetable oil. I will say though the higher calorie stuff was harder on the tummy for Wes.

  3. My daughter had preemie twins. The girl would not gain weight so they put her on polycose. Your pharmacist can order it for you. It is a powder that you add to food or formula. Also they were on soy and the pediatrician suggested adding one additional scoop of formula to each bottle.She also used rice ceral to each bottle with the polycose.

  4. Polycose will add weight and it might be covered by insurance if you get a script from the Dr. making regular formula into high calorie by adding extra powder or less water can be kind of binding so watch for that.