Monday, March 02, 2009

Whirlwind of a day...

7:00- awake and at 'em, getting 4 kids up, dressed, fed, and 2 of them out the door for school
8:10- I leave for school with Brianna, Mike leaves with K, and my mom stays at the house with E and M
8:30- leave Brianna's prek and head up to the elementary school the kids will be attending next year to find out a bit about out-of-area for K, visit with a friend that's a teacher there, and meet the pre-k teacher
9:50- head for the doctor's for my 3 month OB appointment
10:45- leave OB appointment (more on that later LOL) and go back to the house to prepare forms because I heard on the radio that today's the last day to file for Homestead exemption- oops... guess I put that off to the last minute...
11:15- leave with forms in hand and copies of everything I could get together (including taking photos of each item, front and back, and getting them onto the computer then printing them...) to go pick up Brianna
11:45- bring a distraught little Brianna back to my mom- still lugging away at the day with the little ones
12:00- arrive at the church, get paperwork from Mike and try to grab a quick lunch with Mike
12:25- oops, we're late picking K up from his classroom, Mike heads to the carline to get him
12:45- K and I leave the church and head for the municipal building with all the paperwork (we thought) in hand for our Homestead filing
1:35- leave the municipal building with a 'receipt' in hand- and another form saying 'missing documents'. Head to my parents' house to get a copy of our tax returns from last year and stop in on the first floor of the municipal building to get a copy of my voter's registration info
1:45- arrive for the second time at the municipal building, back up to level 5 with K in tow
2:25- leave the municipal building AGAIN this time with a real receipt on pretty yellow paper saying I'm FINISHED!
2:35- arrive at home, get the low-down from my mom for the day's events and let Mike's mom in. Grab Emma, run to the bathroom, turn around 3 times, say bye to my mom, and run back out the door for E's 3:15 PT.
4:15- arrive home again, say goodbye to K who is going for a special playdate at grandma's house and wave twice at Mike before he leaves for school
5:15- get dinner going for Brianna and Micah and start Emma in but she didn't want to eat
6:00- pile M and B into the tub while Emma still picks at food, this time eating more.
6:30- pull out two cleanish kids, pajamas, and K made it home for PJs too
7:00- bedtime x4- except Emma never did get that bath...
7:55- here I sit in the hallway with one little 5 yr old boy that can't seem to stay in his bed tonight...

WOW. Tomorrow had better be CALM :)

Ok, so a few details of last night and today:
Yesterday at around 9:30 on the baby monitor (I was tired and went to read in bed) I heard the girls. First Bria and E talking, then the songs of a little MP3player that's 'kidproof' that Bria got for her birthday. Weird, I thought it was on the floor and neither girl can get out of bed. It turns off. Then on. Then off. I bring the monitor to Mike, we laugh that the girls are having a party, talking and playing music on the other end of the house...

Then I go in to find out what they're doing and there is EMMA on the FLOOR playing with the MP3 player! I have no idea how she got out of her crib, but we'll start putting the siderail up anyway... Bria was drawing on a doodle pad (magna doodle type thing) that she had to have gotten from Emma as well. Too funny, my girls are conspiring together already!


Then around 2 am Micah woke up fussy but as soon as I walked in the room he was fine. He fussed and fussed after I calmed him and put him back in bed and at 3am was still at it on-again-off-again. Sad, but oh my goodness, there was no sleep for me last night!


Today at my OB appointment I'd lost 1 lb. Not a big deal, the month before I'd lost 3 so I'm doing better. The nurse asked how I'd been feeling and I honestly answered her. She must have thought she was funny when she said "well, could be twins with morning sickness still at 12 weeks." Haha, very funny.

Then the doctor comes in, said he saw I lost a pound, was I feeling ok. No, not really but I'll live. He asked if it was pregnancy sickness or if I had a flu bug. Pregnancy sick, since before I knew I was pregnant. Did I have this with the last 2 kids, yes, but not as bad. Ok, well, hopefully if it's just normal stuff it will ebb in the next few days to 2 weeks.

Then he thought he was funny too. "Of course, it could mean you're having twins." Why do people think that's funny??? I reminded him he did an ultrasound last month. "Yeah, at 8 weeks a twin could hide, but likely the surprise would have been last week." Nothing like filling me with confidence. Thanks.

I told him I was pretty sure that God didn't trust me enough right now to give me twins, so there's nothing to worry about :) He just smiled and continued on. On a side note, I have an ultrasound on Thursday to measure nuchal translucency (however you spell that). I'm not particularly interested in it, but if it makes the doctor feel better to do it, then that's fine by me. We'll also have a high risk fetal echo at 22 weeks as an 'extra' since I've had a baby with a little extra something as well as a major heart defect. Chances are pretty good that there's no issues with this baby though.


On that note, someone asked me today whether I have any fear about having another child with disabilities. Quite honestly, I think I would just laugh. God would be telling us loud and clear what He intends our house to be like and who He intends for us to raise, that's for sure! If He hadn't sent us halfway around the world to bring home 2 kids with disabilities I'm not so sure I'd be able to laugh about it-- but I'm pretty sure that would be my response if we did learn there were any 'issues' with this baby (of course, actual health risks are not laughable, but Ds sure isn't a "health risk" just a diagnosis and one we seem to have a preference to-- it wouldn't matter one bit if this baby also has Ds).


  1. On the morning sickness note- my doctor told me that there were three distict times she saw morning sickness go away- 12-13 wks, 20 wks, and 40 wks (or whenever the baby is born! yikes!)

    Anyway, that said, my sickness ended at exactly 12 wks with the first two and exactly 20 with Abby. I'm sure praying for your sake that it ends like RIGHT now, but I thought that might give you hope that you're not having twins!!

    Also, have you tried Zofran?

  2. PS. Love the look of your blog right now! I think this is my favorite so far. :)

  3. How cute are those two girls?? I also really like the layout a lot :)