Saturday, March 21, 2009

Adoption updates all around...

The two families (including Misha's family) that adopted together are both now in Kiev with their children and are awaiting flights home on Tuesday!

The family that met their daughter with Down syndrome and a cleft lip/cleft palate has been home for their 10 day wait and the new dad is now getting ready to head back to Ukraine to pick her up.

The family in Ukraine adopting an older girl with limb differences is HOME!!

Continue in prayer for the family awaiting a positive court turn out, their son is in an institution and they are having a very slow and difficult process. They filed more paperwork recently so pray that all goes through well!

Another two families that had their court last week in Ukraine are now in their 10 days of appeal period and will be returning next week to get their children. A total of 3 little ones with Down syndrome were adopted between these two families :)

Two families have their dossiers in Ukraine. One was submitted this past Monday and one hopes to submit this coming Monday. They will both be awaiting travel dates to get their new children. One more family has finished their dossier and is working out some kinks in it before it's submitted.

Three more families have received immigration approval this week to adopt from Ukraine. Two of these families will be mailing their dossiers (or just did) and then will be going for translation and then submission. The third family is awaiting some updated forms from their social worker. Please pray that all these families' dossiers come together quickly so they can travel soon!

Our family in Haiti- missionaries now- is doing well and I'm sure appreciate your continued prayers as they live this 'new life' while they await the completion of their son's adoption.

The family adopting two girls from Latvia are in their appeals period and will be returning very soon to pick up their daughters!

The family adopting from Russia that has been waiting on a court date has received it and will be heading back to Russia at the end of this week for court and to bring home their new son!

Another family adopting from Russia has hit major hiccups in their adoption because of the region they're adopting from. Please pray as this family faces big decisions in the near future. Please pray for the other waiting children of this region because it appears we may not be able to continue any adoptions there for children with Down syndrome (in this one region, not all of Russia!)

One of our families adopting from Estonia has met their older son w/ Ds and is waiting an appointment to return to adopt him.

Please keep all these families covered in prayer!!


  1. You've won an award - check out my blog!

  2. Its seriously nice to have all prayer requests put together like this, thanks for sharing Meredith, I will be sure to pray for each one.

  3. So many exciting things! We'll be off of your adoption list update so soon! Crazy!! Thank you for organizing all of the current adopting families so I can remember to pray for everyone specifically!

  4. That is a great update...That helps me see what is going on..alot actually!

  5. I am heartened to hear that so many children have and will have their forever families. I sent you an email, did you get it?