Thursday, March 26, 2009

Micah's throwing up...

I heard him choking and pulled over on my way to drop the kids off at school this morning. Then he released. His carseat, himself, and the empty seat next to him are all needing a good hard scrubbing.

We went home and I ran in and grabbed some towels including one that was wet and ran back to the car. Brought the two to school that weren't throwing up and Mike started wiping off puke from the seat and Micah. He'd gone to work out this morning so I had all 4 to get up there. Luckily he got to the church just a minute before me and was able to stay at the car so I didn't have to get Micah out.

Poor guy (Micah)... I stripped his clothes off and stuck him in his crib with a few washable toys and he is happy and content. I opened his bedroom window for some fresh air in there and... well... he's sleeping now. Here's hoping he feels better soon AND that no one else shares the love.


  1. Hope it was a one time puke. Love Mom

  2. Sorry he's puky. We just got over a case of "both ends" with all the males in our house. Anah and I both refused to entertain the notion of sharing in that event!

    Praying it was a one time thing and no one else wants to share with him.

  3. Hugs. We are having pukes here, too. :-(

    I owe you an email -- thanks so much! Trying to get caught up on everything right now!