Saturday, March 28, 2009

My "day off"

Today almost seemed like a day off. Not that I didn't still take care of the kids and I was at the house all day... but...

I got up this morning with a really bad headache and went back to sleep for a bit. Then Mike insisted I take a nice warm bath to see if that would help. I don't know how long it's been since I took a relaxing bath, but he even moved his painting supplies out of the tub for me. So I went from bed to a warm bath and then fell asleep there for a few too :)

After that I got the kids dressed and shoes on and a lunchbox packed while Mike showered and got measurements he needed and we left- all 6 of us- to go to Lowe's and to Wal-Mart. We picked out a new paint for the bathroom (he started the project just after Christmas, decided the paint was old and thin and not covering, and then was too busy to pick it back up again). It's going to be a light blue. I think the master bedroom has been a similar color in the past... it's weird sometimes having actual memories that go back about 20 years of this house :)

Mike needed some more screening to fix the holes in our pool enclosure where a hawk dove through it (two times), a cat climbed it, fell through, then climbed back out, and some other areas that we're not quite sure how they were torn... And he needed a few things for a project he's working on at the church.

After our exciting (haha) trip to Lowe's we went to McDonald's for lunch because it's across the street and easy. Some neighbors were there so we had a nice chat and the young lady that was sweeping floors and wiping down the tables was very sweet and very interested in our kids :) She spent quite a bit of time checking on us and getting water (next to our table) to drink. Never had such great service at a McDonald's! She was very sweet.

Then off to Wal-Mart to pick up a birthday present for one of K's friends and I needed to do a grocery run. Mike and the kids wandered the store while I quickly shopped. Well, as quickly as is possible when you're getting food for a family of 6 :). I once had somene say "just shop in a circle- avoid all the 'junk' aisles in the middle of the store and you'll be done sooner, have a healthier selection, and have a lower grocery bill." I took that to heart and try to shop that way now. I even remembered the chocolate syrup for K's "Easter Sundae Party" this week after their egg hunt at school.

By 2:30 we were loaded up and headed for home! Mike laid down on the couch, Micah and Brianna in beds, and Emma and Kristopher watched Flushed Away for the 4th time in the past 24 hours-- thanks Mom and Dad for loaning it to us... we will be sending it back soon :) But now you know what they did while I was sleeping and taking a bath this morning LOL.

Then I got kindof a 'rush' project for RR and did that while Mike made dinner. Yep, he did! Ok, he heated up something frozen, but it's more than I did so it counts! And everyone (mostly everyone) even ate it. As much as some of my picky eaters EVER eat anything... (Emma had two servings!)

By then the weather was beautiful, the kids were fed and had late naps, so we went out for a walk. Kristopher is doing great on his bike! He doesn't need any help now except on occasion to get started again when the peddles are straight up. But otherwise he's looking UP now, steering well, and is able to even go up the long gradual hill on our street. And by the end of the walk he was finally stopping for cars and/or getting off the road. We still need some work there but Mike and Buttermilk (the dog) were right there to direct him while I pushed the stroller with the other 3 kiddos.

We're home now, K is enjoying some playtime in the tub with some 'color soaks' that he got a while ago from grandparents. He's been in there almost an hour but he usually showers so he's enjoying it! The other 3 kids are in bed and Micah is singing us this very sad sad song that begs to be taken out of bed. He did have a late nap... but still... And Mike just loaded the dishwasher (I did empty it earlier...).

Compared to the rush of my usual days and the stuff I usually do... today almost felt like a "day off". :)

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  1. Glad you got a "day off". Sleeping in and a nice long bath are a great way to start a day. And how better to end it with a nice walk. I am so ready for the nice weather to come and stay.