Thursday, March 12, 2009

Morning conversations

I guess I hadn't thought about this in years, but a conversation I had with Mike this morning reminded me of that feeling of being pregnant for the first time...

When we were getting ready this morning I'd gotten everyone up and dressed and they were eating when I went back to the master bathroom to brush my teeth and hair. Mike was also finishing getting ready and I told him that last night while laying on my back on the girls' room floor I felt the baby move for the first time. It wasn't a subtle fluttering, but a firm pressure so the baby must have been rolling pretty hard against the walls of the small space that he/she has to maneuver in.

We'd noticed at the ultrasound that this little one was VERY active already but I hadn't felt anything and really didn't expect to for some time. Last night there was no mistaking that sensation, though, and there's really no way to describe it. In fact, Mike said to me "that's got to be weird, knowing there's another human moving around inside of you." Hmm, yeah, I guess so... And as I tried to explain, I remembered when I was pregnant with Kristopher and I wasn't sure what the baby moving would feel like. You can read about it, people can tell you about it, you can feel it on the outside of another person's belly, but still- there's nothing that can quite explain how it will feel to have movement inside of your body within an organ that has never before 'felt' anything move. There's never been anything in there TO move...

With Kristopher I'd have to look up when I first was sure I felt him moving- With Brianna I'm pretty sure it was about 14 weeks- and this was much earlier than with K because I remembered how it felt. Right now I'm 13 weeks and there's no question in my mind that what I feel is our little one making his/her presence known :)

It's really a neat step forward in the awareness of a real growing baby inside...


  1. What a cool feeling!!

  2. Wow, that is early! With both of mine it was after 16 or 17 weeks, I believe.

    Very's passing fast, at least for those of us on the outside. :)