Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ok, so NO, those things are not all done daily or some even weekly!! (mopping the family room and porch are VERY seldom jobs along with a few others on that list... which is why they're on there to remind me to do them on occasion!) LOL It's just something to keep me looking at what needs to be done and what days they may fit in. In the mornings the kids are at different school activities except Emma (and Micah 2 days) and I find that often that time is 'wasted' so this is a way to be able to see what things I should be trying to work towards and getting some done... rather than my current approach of looking around the house at EVERYTHING that needs doing and then laying down with a cold drink :)

Shelley- I wish I had the energy-- not quite there yet!

Mom- I agree! I just also know I'm wasting time when I'm not with the kids and not being productive, so maybe this will help... maybe...

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