Sunday, March 01, 2009

Guess who

took FOUR steps today? I'll try to catch a video of him soon. Yikes, I'm about to have another walker!

Ironically, Brianna started walking in October/November and is 8 months older than Micah... here, 5 months later, he's doing the same. Just another example of how ALL kids progress at their own speed (including kids w/ Ds). I'm just amazed to see that he's 'caught up' on the gross motor side of things after spending the first 16 months essentially sedated, malnourished, and left in a crib. Our God is amazing, isn't He??


  1. Amazing!! Can't wait to see videos :)

  2. Go, Micah, go!! Go, Micah, GO!!

  3. Yeah, Micah!! Life is about to get still more interesting at your house, as Micah's horizons widen. Another toddler now - what fun!

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky