Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boys will be MONKEYS!

Micah is such a little BOY!! With Kristopher I distinctly remember when he got more adventurous, more daring, began climbing, exploring, and doing new fun "boy" feats... What fun!

Well, Micah is at it... he's walking about 10 steps at a time now but still generally only walks TO people, not up and mobile just to walk. He's definitely getting there though :) In his new found skills of course comes TROUBLE :) After all, what fun are new skills if you don't get a little daring while using them??

So, a little recap of the last few weeks with Micah's experimenting with his new mobility. And did I mention he's now a CLIMBER??

- About 2 weeks ago in the bathtub Micah decided to stand up. Standing is fun! But standing for Micah usually ends in going back down. And unfortunately, Emma made sure that his descent was a bit quicker than usual. Fortunately I was right there next to them (of course, since they were in the tub), but still there's no reaction quick enough to catch his fall. Micah fell down onto the tub rail where the glass doors close and split his chin and bit his tongue. Both bled- a long time. But both were fine the next day and the cut on his chin looked really tiny once it finally stopped bleeding. We forced an ice pack on him (haha, how can you force an ice pack on to a 2 yr old??) and he never had any residual effects of the trauma :) Mom did tho LOL.

-A week later (yes, he had other baths between) he was in the tub again this time ALONE because of the last encounter and I was sitting right there... He stood up and as I reached for him to help him sit down he caught his head on the OTHER side of the tub. A nice egg showed up within 2 minutes and again- ice... The boy LOVES to stand up! The swelling went away completely in a short time and a very small bruise mark was all that was left. He was over it within 2 minutes-- except for the ice part ;)

-Have I mentioned how much he LOVES bathtubs?? A fes days ago our little man took off into the living room and since the entire main part of the house is babyproof I wasn't right on his heels. But I heard my bedroom door close and got up immediately to go get him out. Our room isn't not baby proofed, there's just more stuff for him to destroy in there :) . So from the short time it took me from the family room to my bedroom he'd gotten from the doorway into the master bathroom and into... the TUB! We have a step going up to our tub because it's a big garden tub. I must admit, I never even considered him going in to the tub! LOL So I walk in to find him soaking wet! There wasn't any water in the tub, no worries :). I'd taken a bath on Saturday and used a rolled towel as a pillow. It ended up getting soaked and I laid it out on the side of the tub to dry after. It ended up falling in to the tub and I hadn't known it, so it was really wet but inevitably padded his fall into the tub. Poor little wet guy was standing with just his nose above the rim of the tub looking at me with an "oops!" look on his face. He's a quick little guy! He was fine tho- not hurt at all, not even shaken up, but he knew he was in trouble!!

-Micah loves if you hold out your arms when he's standing and he'll walk over to you- or at least toward you if he can't make it the entire way. Well, Brianna thinks this is just great, but unfortunately for her, he's bigger! So Micah will walk over to Brianna and then PUMMEL her! He weighs a good 4 lbs more than her (he's 26, she's 22 lbs) and he generally leans over for him to 'catch' him and all she does is break his fall on their way down! :)

This little man is going to keep us on our toes! We've had 2 other 'toddlers' in this house but he's all about finding new trouble to get in to!


  1. I love monkey kids! They have so much fun and tend to keep mom and dad REALLY busy!!

  2. I have noticed Micah's standing and walking a little more in when he's at nursery. He's such a stirdy little boy! I'm sure it will not be long before he has the confidence to walk by himself!

  3. I knew I liked Micah for a reason!!

    How hilarious that he would walk to Brianna and expect her to catch him. LOLOL

  4. sounds like he is doing so great!! watch out, you think he is a monkey now, wait until he walks all over! ha!