Monday, March 02, 2009

I wonder how long it would have been

Until I found the dirty bottle that K threw onto the top shelf in their bedroom. We have 10 foot ceilings and about 8 1/2 feet up there's a 'stuffed animal shelf' in each of the kids' rooms. It has a few stuffed animals in the boys room- most have been removed by a certain 5 year old and are instead in a garbage bag in the garage (not to be thrown out, but to not be all over the house!).

Kristopher just happened to mention today that one day soon he'd like to play with Brianna's doll house and then the toys in his closet and that maybe I'd get his lizard and bottle down off the shelf. Lizard and BOTTLE?? A REAL bottle? Micah's? What shelf??

So he pointed up-- luckily their dresser is under the shelf and I was able to stand on that (a 'wide' dresser, not tall!) and reach the shelf and feel around a bit. Sure enough, there was a NASTY bottle. Now in the trash. And for some reason I didn't feel like looking for the lizard- and some little person decided not to ask for it after he realized he'd stashed FOOD somewhere that it didn't belong. Imagine that- a bottle is FOOD?

yuck yuck yuck yuck....

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