Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is up with this??

I just got a recorded message phone call from a hospital claims department. Fine, I know we have an open claim with them that we're battling insurance to cover (ER visit from when we were on vacation in Nashville in October- just last night in the midst of all that fun insurance stuff I was doing I even printed out the EOB and a nice letter to insurance about why we had the visit...)

Ok, so THEY call ME, and I've now been on hold for 16 minutes?!?! Yes, of course I just hung up. That's ridiculous! Do they seriously think that a recorded message calling and saying "Is this Michael Cornish? If yes, press 1," is good enough reason to keep someone on hold for over 15 minutes? YIKES.


  1. These are the same people who thought I called an ENT for a Spinal Fluid Leak! LOL Doesn't surprise me at all!

  2. I got a call the other day and the recording told me the office was closed to try my call during regular business hours!! LOL

    I wouldn't have last 15 mins, you are waaaay too nice!!