Thursday, March 26, 2009

Someone's just funny

Brianna was in a funny mood last night! She wanted to wear Micah's baseball hats-- backward! She was playing with a baby doll at the same time and then later got Kristopher to put a backpack on her. She'd just gotten out of the tub and was wandering the house in PJs... It was really cute! I love watching her pretend play.

Saying goodbye...

009 010

In the video- she found the oven rack that I took out of the oven the day before and was intrigued by it being in the dining room. Kristopher and Mike are in the background- Mike was bathing Emma and later asks about her getting out when I told him there's a towel in there. Apparently he decided Micah was getting a bath too- which I wouldn't argue with! I just asked him to give Emma a bath since I'd been bent over the tub with Brianna already :)

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