Saturday, March 14, 2009

Only if you emptied your plate

Kristopher wanted a snack tonight and he'd already heard (before dinner) he couldn't have it until he finished his dinner.

I went to lay down on the couch after I finished cleaning up the other 3 kids and he was still eating. He came and said "I ate some of the chicken like Dad said, can I have my snack?" I told him he had to eat ALL of the rice and he said "I did." "Ok, bring me your empty bowl so I can see." A minute later he says "hold on" then he comes in and sure enough his bowl has only a few grains of rice in it and nothing else. I thought to myself wow, he ate the chicken anyway and opened his snack for him.

Then I went to clean the table and found a mound of chicken at his place at the table. I guess next time I need to be more clear on what I mean by an empty bowl...


  1. LOL, well, that's taking it literally!

  2. HA!! Don't you just hate it when kids do exactly what you say :)
    Zoie just feeds her food to Xander when we tell her that her plate has to be empty!