Monday, March 30, 2009


After the IEP-- yes the day keeps getting longer doesn't it?-- we drove by the house, picked up E's knee braces and headed down to her PT session. She did GREAT!!! She is starting to do the reciprocal motion of her feet on the treadmill (moving one foot then the other). I've worked with her a lot this week hunched over and killing my back to get her practice walking and it really has paid off. She missed therapy last Thursday because Micah was sick but she has really progressed in the last week :) It was very encouraging to see her pop right up into a stand from a bench (using another bench to pull up with to get to a toy) and having her "walk" out of the therapy area with the therapist holding her around the chest (under her arms). Soon she may be ready for "walking wings" or something similar rather than me hunched down moving her legs each step of the way. I should get someone to videotape that sometime... it really is funny looking I'm sure!

Then HOME. Mike's mom and my mom switched off around 2:30 so his mom helped me get Micah fed and stuck around a bit while the others ate then headed off. Mike stopped by for just a minute on his way to school and brought me a strawberry creame frappuccino from Starbucks then off he went. Brianna and Emma took quite a while and finally got down and played, then it was PJs and stories and bed for the 4 musketeers... And now... the house is quiet. And I'm going to sleep!

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  1. It can be exhausting, can't it?
    I have IEPs for 4 of my kids this week! sheesh!
    Glad you have it completed for Emma.