Friday, March 13, 2009

I love Fridays in March

On Fridays there's no school, no therapy, and usually no other appointments unless it's a playdate or something else fun. The weather's been just a bit cool in the morning (for the way we are dressed anyway- shorts and t-shirts or tank tops) but by afternoon it's a beautifully sunny 85 degrees today and by evening it's cooling off a bit again. The playroom/porch has sliders on all 4 walls and we open most of these (depending on how much free-roam I feel like giving the kids since one wall of sliders opens up to the master bedroom and to the living room where the littler kids don't usually play). We open the windows in the family room and all the bedrooms and the dining room to get a breeze through the whole house. It's really beautiful out!

And we have really been enjoying this day to really rest, hang out, play with each other, and have fun together. The kids like having a full day of 'playtime' and it's really quite the lazy day for them after 4 days of school for K and B. Monday-Thursday are often busy with preschool in the mornings, then pick-ups around noon, Emma has a teacher at the house at 2 two days a week, and then she has therapy after that on Thursdays. Two days a week I've been tutoring and the kids have a 'playdate' with my student's younger sister (that happens to have Ds too :) she's almost 3!) while we work, and then one night a week M and E have ST here at the house. So every day is different but each day also has between one and three things happening after school. Oh, plus M and B still take naps and E sometimes does too, so that 'shortens' the day a bit.

So you can see why Fridays where we get up, get dressed... eventually... we might go for a walk, play outside, lazy around on the porch, watch cartoons for an hour or so, and generally just enjoy being home. Some Saturdays are like this, but this weekend is our neighborhood garage sales so we'll probably take a long morning walk to visit the neighbors or, if I get my act together, I may put out some of the things in my own garage that are waiting to be re-homed! We shall see... but for now I'm going to go get a few things done around the house with the help of a 3 yr old little girl that wants to 'play with clothes' with me while we sort out the winter stuff!

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  1. hmmm...I wonder if I can get out to go to garage sales tomorrow...
    if I do I'll drop some stuff off at your house (ie baby food and stuff...not garage sale stuff!)