Thursday, March 12, 2009

How far do you go?

I was thinking the other night about ways in which people change, and, honestly, just laziness or truly taking the good 'ole Golden Rule. The Biblical principle which Jesus says is second only to Loving the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength-- Love your neighbor as yourself...

Think about these:

If there's one piece of cake left when you go to have some dessert and that sounds good to you, what do you do?
a) eat it without anyone noticing
b) eat it without shame and let everyone know, but maybe share a bite or two (maybe)
c) ask your spouse (or maybe child) if they wanted it and split it with those interested
d) offer it around before deciding to have it and give it to the person that would like it-- without mentioning that it was the last piece or that you intended to eat it

When the baby cries at 4am and you know he's not stopping without attention, what do you do?
a) roll over and pretend to be asleep
b) kick your spouse and ask them to get up with the baby
c) grumble and bang and turn on lights as you get up, annoyed that your spouse chose a or b
c) get up quietly so no one else wakes and take care of the baby

When you realize one of your kids' favorite movies is coming on at the same time as a show you like to watch what do you do?
a) try not to let them know their movie is going to be on
b) turn your own show on and let them know it's your house and your TV
c) send them to a different room to watch their movie on the 9" black and white TV
d) spend the evening sitting with your child with their movie on even if you didn't care to watch it

If there's a child that wants your attention while you're in the middle of something "important" (which COULD wait), what do you do?
a) tell the child to wait just a minute and never go back to find out what they wanted
b) have the child wait but at least invite them to sit with you, figuring that will make them forget anyway
c) let the child tell you what they want and give them half your attention and the random eye contact and 'uh huh' which appeases them
d) give them your total attention for a time and let them know after a time you need to finish your other work

If someone asks you a question that you know half the answer to, what do you do?
a) tell them you don't know and leave it at that
b) tell them what you do know but don't offer anything more
c) tell them what you know and suggest where they might find someone else to help
d) tell them what you know and offer to find the answer to the rest of it for them or with them

I think that these questions help to figure out where our hearts are. I really do... And maybe a reminder of what things about ourselves we might need some work on. I wish I could say I answered "correctly" to all of those. I know I fall far short.


  1. Hi Meredith and Happy Friday!
    I have to say that I too have not answered all those correctly! I think at different moments in time we'd answer each one differently - just like the spouse.. I can hardly remember a time where both my hubby and I leaped out of bed at the same time to check on a crying child!!

    Anyhoo - enjoy your Friday - AND I gave you a little award on my blog - I know you just LOVE passing on awards!!
    Take care!!

  2. Geez, Meredith, thanks for the HUGE slice of humble pie... ;) Seriously, though, I am pretty disappointed in some of my own answers here.

    Hope you are feeling well. Have a great weekend.