Monday, March 30, 2009

the morning's first events...

Today started at 4am. Micah was awake and crying and apparently hungry... I got up, made him up a bottle and gave it to him, but he immediately tossed it a minute later before I got back to bed. So the couch became my resting place and I hung out there until 5:30am when I finally was able to go back to bed and be sure I wasn't going to have to pop back up as I laid down.

7:15 and I finally crawled out of bed. Mike and K had just started the shower and I got the other kids up and dressed. Thankfully Mike had gotten Micah out of bed and a clean diaper before taking K to the shower so that M wasn't screaming to get up :). Everyone was eating breakfast- except Mr. Early Riser that was playing in his PJs in the family room- when my mom arrived about 7:30. I went and got myself ready and by 8:10 Mike had left with Kristopher for the church and I was out the door with Brianna.

I dropped Brianna at her pre-k class and when I came out was met with several other moms that had just dropped off their little ones. One of the moms engaged me in conversation and I talked with her and 2 other moms for a few minutes. Two of them have little ones that are under a year old, one has a 2 yr old as well, and the third mom has a son that's almost 2. All of them also have a 3 or 4 yr old in the preschool.

I'm not sure why it turned this direction-- it started with a discussion on names (one baby was named Emma) but they asked about our adoption and a few other things about the little guys. I shared happily and it was as if each question invited me to share more and more of the testimony of Emma and Micah's lives and how far God has brought them in a year. I walked away from the conversation knowing that God had used that to impact one of the ladies-- I don't know which one! But I know that there was one that was "driving" the questions and the other two were piping in here and there with other insights or questions. I love it when God gives me the opportunity to share His love for His children and His purpose for our little ones w/ special needs (oh, all these moms have typical kids... the classrooms are 50/50 and all their kids are the typical 50%).

A long start to a much longer day... :)

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