Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just to clarify...

We're not having twins LOL

The doctor and nurse were having a nice little laugh because I'm still having morning sickness. I've already had one ultrasound, though, and there was ONE baby and ONE little yolk sack there :) I will have another glimpse on Thursday of our ONE baby too :)

Just thought I'd clarify... :)


  1. Sometimes the twin will show up in a later ultrasound! LOL--I am praying it's just one for you! :]

  2. LOL! You never know! I had a friend told she was havinbg just one all the way up until she was 28 weeks! (ok, not trying to frighten you)
    Praying the ms goes away soon.

  3. Are you trying to convince US, or yourself?? :)

  4. My mom didn't know she was having twins until she was 29 weeks along :)!! They can hide so easily. Twins are a blast, but definitely a handful. It helped for my family that they were the last two - #10 & 11 - so there was plenty of help for my mom.

  5. awww, what Meredith, you don't want to join my twin club??