Sunday, March 08, 2009

Two more families are HOME :)

**Edited on 3/09 to add that one of our families adopting from Estonia has met their older son w/ Ds and is waiting an appointment to return to adopt him!

The Kayser family adopted a little boy w/ Ds and an 'older' girl from Ukraine and they are now HOME!

And the Spradley family that adopted a little girl w/ Ds from Serbia is home as well!!


And for some more updates...

The two families that I am working with at one orphanage both had court and all is well! One family returned home for their 10 day appeals period and the other is spending some time with missionary friends in Kiev but is staying in Ukraine. Next step for these families is to do all their paperwork including birth certificates, passports, medicals, and VISAS! Then they'll be on their way home soon!

Another one of 'my' families is now in Ukraine and has met their daughter with Down syndrome and a cleft lip/cleft palate. They are in LOVE and their process is going quickly so they hope to have court this coming week!

The family in Ukraine adopting an older girl with limb differences is in Kiev! They will be coming home soon!

Continue in prayer for the family awaiting a positive court turn out, their son is in an institution and they are having a very slow and difficult process.

Another two families that I have worked with just a bit are now in Ukraine to adopt their children! One is bringing home two little ones and the other family just one child. All three kids have Down syndrome. One family has court on Monday a week from now and I've not heard an update on when the other family may have court so please keep them all in prayer. These two families are adopting from the same orphanage so have the fellowship of one another :)

Our family in Haiti- missionaries now- is doing well and I'm sure appreciate your continued prayers as they live this 'new life' while they await the completion of their son's adoption.

Two families are awaiting their next trip- one for two girls in Latvia and one for a boy in Russia. Both will be going for court in the coming weeks.

Please keep all these families covered in prayer!!


  1. Thank you Meredith for the updates and for including us. I loved the post about it being a year since you brought your kids home--very inspiring.

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. i donated to some of the families you are speaking of. I am so glad you updated, as they made the blogs now private. It hurt just a little to know they accepted my donation and then closed the blog.
    Thanks for listening.

  4. Thanks for including us in your update. Also feel free to refer families to us who have questions about adopting older disabled children! HUGS to you today. I am eating chocolate right now on your behalf...
    To Anonymous-The bogs have been closed for protection of the adoption process-usually at the request of the country or their agency. When they are home they will most likely be open again!