Monday, March 30, 2009

The next set of activities

I went straight to my 4 month OB appointment from dropping Brianna at school. I can't believe I'm 4 months along! Wow, only 5 more to go?? Didn't I just find out I was expecting? Anyway, the appointment went well. A few weird things in it... the whole insurance mess with the lab they sent my results to... the fact that a 'screening' test they did for me came back positive. The dr said it would have FLOORED him had he looked at it earlier and not had the 'diagnostic' test back which gives the actual POSITIVE or NEGATIVE... which was negative. I gotta say, it's never good when a doctor goes through your lab results and says "good, good, good, WOAH!" Anyway, all is well there (and no, this wasn't to do with the baby, it was lab work for me). Baby's heartrate is still pretty fast- my doctor seems to think it's indicative of a girl-- we shall see in about 6 weeks ;) (22 week ultrasound with high risk dr and fetal echo).

I bypassed the quad screening. Yes, the dr wanted it done even tho I thought we had an understanding that I didn't want it. He said it's non-invasive and would "give them information" but I'm not interested in the wrong information... so no thanks :) 50% of those screenings that come back "positive" are wrong. 50% of the screenings that come back "negative" are wrong. Just like the positive screening I talked about above... WHAT'S THE POINT?? :)

Ok, so then after the dr's appointment I went home and spent an hour with Emma, Micah, and my mom around the house. Mom started laundry :) And we got clean sheets on the kids' beds (except K's, oops, which I realized when I went to put him in bed! LOL). The kids emptied the ball pit for the 100th time today and snuggled and cuddled with us both. Then I got out their lunches and headed out for a round of pre-k pickup.

Brianna was first and when I got to her school one of the moms said her daughter would love to have a playdate with Brianna. How fun :) So hopefully next week during Spring Break we'll be able to have them over to play for a bit. It's hard during the week because the kids all nap right after school (hers too) and they live almost 30 minutes away from us. So a morning during break will be much better!

From there to Kristopher to check him out about 30 min early from his class. He missed the birthday celebration for his friend but since he went to her birthday party yesterday I think he'll survive :) After he finished his lunch back at the house my mom gave him a cookie since he missed it at school.

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