Sunday, March 22, 2009

Airshow Pictures!

Here's the flight line.  We were able to go up to the planes in the flight line and some of the pilots were there with their planes :)

_MG_6216 _MG_6212 _MG_6214 _MG_6215

 _MG_6230 _MG_6232

This plane (above and below) is painted to look like the Blue Angels plane.  The pilot is over 70 years old and this was his last flight in an airshow.  He's selling his plane and retiring.  The show was great though, more pic's in the air below...


These are inside of an old medical chopper.

_MG_6240 _MG_6244 _MG_6246 _MG_6248

Yep, I was really there too ;)


Here's my commercial.  There's a new sandwich/soup shop in  town called "The Bus Stop Cafe".  They have GREAT food!  This is a regular size white standard paper plate and the sub was way more than I could eat.  They only charged $5 for it, which considering we were at the airshow where a 20 oz soda is $2... well, you get the idea.  I've had their food once before at the marriage conference Mike and I went to at the church- they catered the Saturday lunch.  I understand the cafe is near where US1 splits into N/S lanes on the north end of Titusville.  If you're local go check them out!


They kicked off the airshow with a parachute demonstration where two guys jumped and one faked a false deploy then pulled his second chute.  Then they had this jumper with the American flag and the Star Spangled Banner was sung as she came down.  A really neat way to get started.


I don't know most of the names, but I'll post in the ones I remember!  This plane is called the screamer as a nickname because of the sound it makes going through the air.


Inverse in flight...

_MG_6284 _MG_6288 _MG_6298 

This group is called the Mavericks.  They flew so close together sometimes that it was amazing.

_MG_6367_MG_6383 _MG_6385 _MG_6401

I don't remember their names.. LOL

_MG_6423 _MG_6425 _MG_6426 _MG_6434

This is the Blue Angels plane, privately owned of course.

_MG_6479_MG_6456 _MG_6484

And this was the ending to the day- well after the airshow.  This is the remnants of the trail left by the Space Shuttle Discovery after a beautiful sunset launch.  Look at all the color in that cloud of smoke it left behind.  I hear it was beautiful!  I was sitting in the hallway waiting for my kids to go to sleep and didn't even remember it was going up until I felt the floor shake.  Mike quickly walked outside in time to capture this shot.  Yes, we're really that close where the whole house rumbles when the shuttles launch.  Rockets too, usually... I bet we'd be surprised to feel a real earthquake- we just assume when the world moves another launch is going! :)