Friday, March 20, 2009


In all honesty, I'm embarrassed for him... After all, no one likes to stick their foot in their mouth publicly. But I really hope he has plans for the extraction of that foot. Nothing like having your child put down not only by neighbors and strangers, but by the president? I'm not in to politics. I follow because I like to be informed. But this isn't about politics. This is about my kids. Maybe yours too?

On the other hand, a timely "commercial" from someone else on the subject... I was glad to see this one.


  1. Hey Meredith!

    We were posting about the same topic at the same time. Great minds think alike! Although, I like the way you used to opposing views to get your point across! Great post!

    Paula, hoping to adopt Brandi

  2. All I could say was, "Wow Mr." While shaking my head. Not usre if I want to smack him or fel sorry for him.

    On the other hand. Gotta love Governor Sarah Palin! I really don't get why some people hate her so much. That was great, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Meredith
    All this shows is how out of touch this guy is with America. We who have special needs kids at least I didn't see the humor in the statement and for Jay Leno to let is slide shows just what he thinks of special needs kids and adults also. It is sad that they feel ok in putting down a segment of the American family.
    Now as for Sarah Palin I am glad she is one of us and understands that kids are all gifts no matter what your kid may or may not have. I can only hope that come the next election if we are still allowed to have them that Sarah does win the White House and we get to see real CHANGE not more of the good old boy system that failed when Clinton was there and his former goons still don't get it America is looking for more freedoms not less and we don't need more big brother ideas, we need a real leader which we don't have now.

  4. Yes, I was livid when I heard what the President said. Someone said it's because he didn't have a teleprompter to tell him what to say. Thank you for posting the Palin video. That is certainly refreshing because she knows first-hand what special needs are.

  5. I don't think I want him on MY son's team!!!

  6. I don't understand why that part wasn't cut. Does anyone know??

    I noticed that Trig was wearing Solo Bambini glasses! Ben wore those when he was Trig's age...brought back memories.

  7. Whoops, what a gaffe, I feel bad for him for saying such a thing. I know he already apologized. I have sat before large groups of people myself and said some really stupid things, i was forgiven, I forgive him.

    I loved seeing Trig, what a cutie.

  8. I agree that it was a terrible mistake, but his quick response to take reponsibility and aopologize should also be recognized. $6.1 billion of the stimulus package will go to special education- let's give credit for that too.
    Palin rejected the part of the stimulus package that pledged $160 million for education- that would have increased training for special ed teachers. I'll take positive action over words any day- but I do want Obama to learn from this.

  9. I felt exactly the same way! So frustrated by his comment and hurt.
    I wrote about it on my facebook page and have been getting ripped apart by Obama supporters. It's funny how they think it should just be "ok". It's not ok, even a little.