Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wow, 3 sizes?

When the kids came home to us Emma and Brianna wore size 3 diapers. Micah was in a size 2. Then slowly Micah went to a 3, Emma and Brianna to 4's, Micah to a 4, then Emma and Micah went to a 5... and now... Brianna is still in 4's, Micah in 5's, and Emma is in size SIX diapers! They may say on the box "over 35 lbs" but she is not quite 30 and has wet through at least 6 diapers in the last three days. So to size 6's we go! For the first time I now have kids in 3 different size diapers! And, as annoying as that will be, I just hope I can get at least ONE of the kids out of diapers before September. Otherwise it will likely mean four different size diapers. Or at the very least 4 kids in diapers, which doesn't sound so fun either. But... doable if necessary...

Last week I picked up a small potty to start using for Brianna. Thursday or Friday will be its 'unveiling' and all the kids will be home for the next TEN days with only 1 therapy and a doctor's visit for Emma. So hopefully a good amount of consistency will help me to know if Brianna is ready for toilet training. Maybe, maybe we can get her potty trained soon???


  1. My goodness those kiddos are certainly growing well. How exciting!!!!

    Three in diapers in three different sizes sounds difficult, but you are a PRO so I'm sure you will handle it just fine.

    My E was just about in a s-e-v-e-n before she was potty trained, she only weighed 35 lbs at that time.

    Good luck with the potty training!!!!

  2. Four kids in diapers ... ahh! LOL

    I agree with Rebecca, you're a PRO!

    Here's to Brianna being ready for toilet training!

    Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila