Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pictures from the wedding!

Here are a few pictures of the Big Day for Elizabeth and Jim Isajewicz!  (aka my sister's wedding last weekend!)  Pictures are mostly from Chrissy, one of the other BridesMaid(en?)s.  A few may be from other people... because I got them after I was tagged on FB :)  Enjoy!

Rehearsal (cute baby compliments of Chrissy too!)
Getting ready for the Wedding (still not my cute baby! :)  )
The ceremony!  
A few after the wedding shots so you can see the kiddos!
Wesley's tie... it has a story (below)
Our awesome babysitter with K and L
First Dance!

BEAUTIFUL ceremony, BEAUTIFUL bride, and a special guy who's now part of the crew :)

The quick story of Wesley's tie...  He drools.  Constantly.  And he wouldn't make it through the ceremony and reception without a bib... so I wanted a cute 'fancy' one.  He's wearing the same sweater as Micah and James, so I found that tie one that matched in color, or close enough.  It was on in the baby area.  I found a $10 off my next order code that I'd received in the mail.  Bib was $9.  I have Amazon Prime which was FREE, for signing up for Amazon Mom (also FREE) and for ordering through their website (discounted, free shipping, and auto-shipped monthly) diapers.  Amazon Prime means free 2 day delivery on ANYTHING that qualifies.  The bib did.  So... the bib... was FREE :)  And it's adorable if I do say so myself!  That's my little plug for Amazon... and no, they don't pay me, but I save a LOT of money there!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful! Congratulations to your sister! Oh, and I love the tie bib!! What a great idea! You got me hooked on amazon for diapers - thanks!

  3. You look so stunning Meredith!

    I signed up for amazon prime at the beginning of the semester, and a few weeks ago they charged me 70something for an upgrade. This charge was noted in the fine print somewhere, so I couldn't argue it. But I just wanted to make you aware so you can monitor what they charge you for.