Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today felt like just a lazy day.  We generally go to church on Sundays but today with 4 kids coughing, 2 more that don't attend the children's programs yet and I woke up not feeling great either... Michael very nicely stayed home as well rather than leave me home with 6 kids and take the 2 that can go to children's church with him.

We had cinnamon roll bites for breakfast and got a slow start getting dressed and around.  Then we got a few little things accomplished around the house and went through our hurricane list since we'd just made a fire evacuation list and... hurricane season is the next biggie.  This year we have 3 more children than last year (though James was living with us, he wasn't quite ours yet...).  And for the last 2 years we've had no threats of tropical weather even, so it's been a while (and 4 kids later...) since we've had to even think about it.  This year there are too many kids with "critical" items that we can't just run out of and make due without-- like Pediasure (James' entire diet and a supplement for Wesley and Lynae) and thickener (for James, Wesley, and Micah).

Anyway, just lazying around in the morning until lunch time, when I made a combination of leftovers from the food I made at the beginning of last week.  Then 6 kids went down for naps and the other two hung out and played with the iPad for the most part.  Michael went out to the pool to check chemicals and see what needed help out there.  I attempted to lay down for a minute but of course as soon as I did Lynae woke up.  Eventually I got all the kids up...  But the boys' room was a bit of a surprise when I went in there.  James had (very quietly) taken all the sheets off of his bed.  Micah was sound asleep on his tummy with his legs tucked under him, curled up to his pillow... with his naked hiney sticking up in the air.  Yep, no diaper.  Wesley was still sleeping as well when I went in, so James was 'freed', Micah was re-diapered (and left to go back to sleep) and Wes slept a little longer too.

I scrubbed the tile at the top of the pool all the way around today and found several areas that the grout is just about gone.  Not sure how to fix that?  Mike gets the pool department...  We also have a screen enclosure around the pool and need to replace most, if not all, of the panels in the screen... a big job.  Otherwise though we haven't been in the pool much in the last few months, it's not too bad.  No gross stuff and the chemicals have done pretty good as well.  The pool is still too cold to swim, but it's 86 most of the day, so we are hoping it will start warming up soon!  (Of course I prefer BATH WATER warm...!).

I also got a chance to scrub the kitchen floors and Mike ran to Lowe's to pick up a tub of liquid chlorine, since the pool did need some of that.  He forgot to pick up conduit, which is the one thing we've been trying to pick up for about a month!  We have three areas that we need to run electric cables that we don't want the kids to be able to pull down...

Then, of course, I had washed James, Micah, and Wesley's sheets... along with Aleksa's (Brianna climbed up there, couldn't climb down, and called to me but I didn't quite get there fast enough because apparently she had to use the restroom.... oops... yep, she wet Aleksa's bed...).  So I worked on laundry all day as well and pushed the mattress pads through quickly so I could put new sheets on before bed.  We had the last of this week's leftovers- meatloaf- for dinner, and I made some brownies today for dessert (which is just what Brianna needed to convince her to finish her meal!).  After dinner I put sheets back on beds and Mike got the kids into pajamas.  Then I did meds and teeth, and the kids went off to sleep... except two.  Brianna was doing her breathing treatment (she's one with a nasty cough with... I'm guessing... this cold we're passing along) and Kristopher gets a little later bed time than everyone else.  I, however, fell asleep in the chair and was out COLD before 8pm.

Now it's time to go back to sleep in my own bed and get a full night's sleep to try to kick this bug.  It's Spring Break, after all!  We're supposed to do fun stuff this week, not lay around feeling sick!


  1. but then of course I kept you up talking (or typing...) late again. lol. Maybe you'll get lucky and Brianna will sleep in tomorrow :)


  2. Hope you all feel better soon!