Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The rest of the day :)

So the entire day wasn't just one of frustration... We had a good rest of the morning and lunch, and the kids napped a bit except for Aleksa. Then we went and picked up the other 5 kids from school. James appears to be sick... No idea with what, but he was just laying around and running a fever. Despite the fever, we had company coming over any minute and needed a quick run to the grocery store to pick up burgers and buns...

So I made my first grocery run with 8 little people in tow. You'd have thought there was a band playing and that they kids were all wearing face paint and costumes by the looks some people gave us as we walked through the store. In fact, one guy even handed me his change (?????? What was that about???? And yes it was literally change... Like, less than a dollar and I didn't even take it from him then he stuck it in my bag...). I guess one person with a triple stroller and three kids walking and a baby and another child in the shopping cart isn't just an everyday sight in our small town. Oh well, I needed groceries and the kids were all great!

We went back to the house and got James some meeds. He wanted just to lay down so he actually spent the afternoon laying in bed and sleeping on and off. Definitely wasn't feeling good in that regard. Our friends came down to spend the week nearby for spring break and I was glad to finally meet them all! We have been friends online for about 4 years and I met just Cathy last summer but only for a very brief minute in a hallway. Today we got to meet the entire crew including their sweet 7 yr old son who happens to have Down syndrome! What a beautiful family! We enjoyed our time just hanging out here at the house and... Eating burgers :)

Wesley was surprising today! On sunday during church he wanted to talk! He usually makes fussing sounds and whiney sounds but doesn't attempt to talk in any syllable sounds. As of Sunday, he has been making dada sounds and other similar sounds. He's opening his mouth with the intention of using his voice rather than just whines. Yay! We thought this was quite a ways down the road still and area encouraged by his quick progress on that!

The kids went down for bed nicely and the evening has been pretty quiet so far.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at 9:30 from home and another at 12 at the elementary school. Not exactly sure what the second meeting is going to try to accomplish, but it is supposed to be the first step of figuring out schooling for next year for the kids and what schools they will attend, etc. Tomorrow afternoon is speech therapy for Aleksa, James (if he's up to it) and Micah, and then Michael and I are going OUT. ALONE. :)


  1. I hope ya'll have a great time tomorrow. If we were closer I would to meet you, but right now I don't think the kids would make the 8 hr drive to your town. :) lol

  2. Love the man giving you his change, lol :D & I'm with you...what was that about?! lol Praying for a smooth meeting at the school & for things to fall into place in a good way for you all. Have fun with you's so awesome to have that MUCH needed alone time..may it be a blessed time for you both! :D