Thursday, March 24, 2011


Apparently NOW is a good time to make a fire evacuation list.

We just got called home from date night because there are fires threatening our neighborhood. The other end of our street is already locked down from access, but we were able to get home ok (and seriously, what police officer is going to take one look at a family picture and keep us from going home when they hear ALL THOSE KIDS are with a

So, time for evacuation stuff to go by the front door in case we get a knock at an inopportune hour and are told we have 10 minutes to get out. Kindof hard to leave with 10 people in 10 minutes if we don't plan ahead!

Please pray for safety for our area! It is very dry and this fire is VERY close to a lot of homes including our own and Mike's parents'. Thanks!


  1. oh no. keep you in our prayers and hoping there is no need to evacuate!

  2. Finally coming out of lurking to post and say I love your blog and that I pray for you guys...and that I'll especially be praying about the fires.

    If it's at all, at all, at all, possible, I highly urge you to load one trunk or vehicle with things, don't even just leave them by the door. I live in SoCal very near Scripps Ranch (decimated in '03) and Rancho Bernardo (very hard hit in '06). I went to bed thinking I'd have enough warning to get up in the morning and pack and leave b/c the fire was far further from me than it is from you at the moment and there were major roads and a lot of homes in the way and I left with time to grab the cat minus her carrier, the suitcase with dirty clothes (I had just flown that night before...thus not wanting to go through things and actually gather things until the morning) and my purse. I didn't even have shoes - it literally looked like hell around me with flames on every side of my home. It was SO scary - I had nothing in the way of memories and insurance papers, house papers, all of that - and I wasn't trying to get out with kids and needing meds and things for special diets and the various needs you guys have...

    As much as it may seem ridiculous to do work you may well undo tomorrow, the next day, or the day after...or that it may take trunk space in a vehicle that you can't really spare, coming from someone who knows far too many people who lost all or nearly all their earthly possessions - and yes, they're only things, and God wants us to hold them loosely, but some, especially photos or things from adoptions and trips have a lot of sentimental value - it's worth doing. While they may tell you you'll get a ten minute evacuation warning, you may not...and even if you do, it goes a whole lot quicker than you think!

    Praying for a hedge of protection around all of you - and a deep sense of peace. The smell and colour of the sky and the glow at night can be most unsettling as you sit and wait it out, and in the days and weeks after I know we were all jumpy with sirens or any smell or sight of black smoke.

    Thanks for sharing your story and blogging boldly and know you have someone praying in San Diego that the fires finally brought of lurking!


  3. Oh my goodness - praying for your safety!