Thursday, March 10, 2011

One more survey-- IEPs and Homeschooling!

Ok, this is for my friend Renee Garcia.  You may know her as "Mom to my Special K's!"  :)  Renee is a sweet momma who I feel privileged to have met in person a few years ago when we first brought home Emma and Micah.  She has since adopted her daughter Kellsey from Ukraine, the same baby-house as Wesley :).

Renee ran into issues with the school system with her daughter Kennedy's IEP process and as a result ended up homeschooling Kennedy this year.  She's learned a LOT from her time going through due process and is teaming up with a friend and former school board employee to offer a session at their statewide conference! :)

Here's the blog post all about it if you want to read more:

And if you just want to go to the QUICK survey, here's the link! 

***PLEASE NOTE*** This is for ANYONE that has a child with an IEP or that would have an IEP if enrolled in the school system (YES, homeschoolers, fill it out!).  The child does NOT have to have Down syndrome.  Also, if you have multiple children, you can either fill it out on two different computers, choose ONE child to write about, or fill the survey out about all your kids at one time (Yes, it allows multiple answers).  You pick... ( I asked Renee!) BUT!  Notice that you can only fill out the survey ONCE from each computer :)

Ok, GO! GO! GO! :)


  1. You CAN post from the same computer more than once BUT you have to open the survey in a different browser... I used IE the first time and then used Google Chrome the second time :).