Thursday, March 10, 2011


Pronounced "ALE-KS-A"  Also spelled ALEXA  Alexa...

In case you (or our insurance company) are wondering, the "KS" in ALEKSA is pronounced EXACTLY like an X.  It's phonetic.

It is NOT ALESKA.  Who puts SK in the middle of a word anyway?  ASK is so hard to say, that people naturally transpose it to AKS all the time (which also drives me nutty LOL).

Please, please, please, if you've had her in your mind as ALESKA until now, Please 'change it back' to AleKSa! :)  She is having a hard enough time with English to have a 3rd name (mispronounced) thrown at her :)



  1. Great, now you've predisposed me to thinking of it the wrong way!! LOL!! I think it is just a matter of if a person paid attention to their phonics lessons when they were in school. The kids at the schools I sub at are always amazed when I can figure out their unfamiliar names most of the time. Or maybe I'm just a genius!! (NOT)!! LOL!!!! By the way, there is a ski resort in Alaska called the Alyeska Resort. Just thought I would add that to the mix. Happy day!! :)

  2. "Who puts SK in the middle of a word anyway?"

    Hmmmm... have you met my daughter? Ha! She says her name just fine! :o)

  3. Lol rk! Braska is beautiful name... and alaska is a real place... and I wss totally just blowing steam at people calling my kiddo the wrong name :)

    And Diane, you just need a nap :)

  4. Do people actually mispronounce it? That's so strange. Would they call an Alexander Aleskander? :-) I always thought her name is so easy (I mean I have no idea how to pronounce neither Brianna nor Lynae!) but maybe it's because I'm not English speaking? What can they be thinking of then - Alaska maybe.... Hope people around you will improve - to help her!

  5. Yes, I do!! Wish I could take one right about now. (My eye has been twitching all day. Someone told me that means you are tired or stressed. I think I am both!!)

  6. We have the same problem with our son Finlay. It doesn't matter how many times you tell people we pronounce it Fin-LAY not Fin-LEE, and that he doesn't respond to it when said the wrong way, they still say it wrong!
    When he gets called Fin-LEE by teachers, doctors, visitors etc it becomes really annoying. It may just be a pronunciation to them but it's my son.

  7. My daughter's name is Allyson, she was named after my friend Danae's daughter (you might have known Danae in school.) Anyway, you'd think it'd be easy enough to pronounce or spell for that matter, it's pronounced like Alison, or Allison is but that Y throws people off. We get Ally-Son like song but without the G all the time, and I just giggle and she says "No, my name is Ally-gator" ha ha ha