Sunday, March 27, 2011

Outside time and spring break!

Yesterday we took the kids to a walking park that as we walked along it has different jungle gyms along the path. It runs along a river/canal and had a nice breeze! Though it was hot, it was a really nice walk. I think we probably walked three or so miles. Aleksa made it the entire way walking :). She's doing better with stamina during the day and though she was tired of walking she did a good job.

James hadn't been feeling great but yesterday he never ran a fever. Of course today Micah and Brianna both have a good cough as well. Now the trick is to keep Wesley healthy for another 10 days until his surgery... Lynae has had a cough and runny nose too, so four up and four down. Today I woke up with a scratchy throat. My mom has had it too and it seems to be making the rounds through everyone.

This week is Spring break for the kids which means no schedules and no worries about picking up anything new at school. No trying to figure out "who is well enough" or who isn't as far as school goes. Hmm... More benefits to homeschooling if we go that route...

Today we are home, no church with 4 coughing kids and 2 more that aren't ready for children's services yet...

This week we have two big appointments including a trip to the Down syndrome clinic with Micah and Wesley's Pre-op.

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