Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear anyone who has ever given us a gift,

No, this isn't just a blanket thank you to cover the bases, though we definitely thank you all for blessing our family whether it was a birthday, Christmas, another holiday or just a fun gift for the sake of it. We appreciate it very much!!!

This is just a little note to thank you afterward for allowing someone else to be equally blessed with the gift if our children are no longer using it (or if it spends way too much time on the shelf because the kids can't handle it...). If you decide to come visit our garage sale tomorrow and recognize an item that was a given to any one of us a year or two or seven or ten ago, please know that we do still love you and appreciate that you blessed us with the gift.

We hope someone else will be equally as blessed to play with it who may not be able to get it at the cost of a store. We also appreciate that the fraction of what it was bought for that we will get for it at the garage sale will go into something else which will benefit our family more since they no longer use that item so much.

No worries, your Christmas gifts to the kids-- even that really annoying guitar that is absolutely adorable and hideous at the same time (big smile!)-- is not at the garage sale.

We also appreciate your understanding since we don't want our house to be floor to ceiling toys and purging is jus a part of that process.

Thanks again, and thanks for understanding!!

Love, Meredith and the Cornish crew

Ps if anyone local wants to come to the garage sales, it's a neighborhood sale and if you don't know where we live just email me at mererdithcornish at gmail dot com.


  1. are you still doing one at your parents?

  2. I think my parents are planning on doing one next weekend, ut this one is at our house,

  3. Erin, if you want to put stuff out let me know